Xscape Whitepaper


If you wish to download the whitepaper as a PDF, then there is a download option in the toolbar below the whitepaper. Thank you for taking your time to read what Xscape is all about, if you have any further questions feel free to join the Wayward Tavern and talk with the community and founders of Xscape directly.

Xscape Roadmap

  • Q4 2021

    Phase 1

    • Release Discord and Twitter.

    • Release website and whitepaper.

    • Release $XBLADE token on the XRPL.

    • XUMM KYC Verification.

    • Onboard developers.

    • Xblade trait and rarity sneak peaks.

    • A whitelist role with exciting benefits will be given to select passionate members of the community.
  • Q1 2022

    Phase 2

    • Collaborate with other XRPL projects launching NFTs. Looking to build long-term community connections within the XRPL ecosystem.

    • Release information and sneak peaks regarding future Xscape NFT collections.

    • Voting system for every holder to have a say in the future of Xscape.

    • Continue marketing campaigns to show the Xscape universe to the world.

    • Launch new brand for $XBLADE holder utility.

    • Reveal art from the Xscape universe and Xblade NFT background.

    • Launch Xscape merch store, featuring 3D printed Xblades.
  • Q2+ 2022

    Phase 3

    • Minting of the Xblade NFTs on Equilibrium Games NFT Marketplace ($XBLADE holders will receive 1 Xblade NFT for every 1 $XBLADE they hand in, tokens are burned in the process).

    • Increase utility and benefits for $XBLADE holders through 24/7 passive reward mechanisms.

    • XscapeNFT tattoo. 😜

    • Enhanced Discord gaming mechanics. (team leaders for each race)

    • XscapeNFT Discord overhaul. (custom emojis, increased role depth, and interactivity)
  • TBD

    Phase 4

    • Release alpha testing for the Xscape game (Xblade holders will be given alpha testing access).

    • Release another NFT collection within the Xscape universe on the Equilibrium Games NFT Marketplace.

As you make your way down a forest lined path, you come across the Wayward Tavern. The nexus of activity for the Xscape metaverse.