Xscape Lore


The world of Xscape is said to be vast and infinite, but there is only one known central location, and that is the Wayward Tavern. A giant, mysterious crater is home to the tavern, and it's a place they call Limbo. Here, time doesn't flow normally, the line between life and death, good and evil are blurred, it's surrounded by an aura one would describe as like there is a magical energy everywhere, you can feel it in every part of your body. Almost like something of incomprehensible power occurred, and the disturbance is lingering, or still watching. Nothing is really as it seems at first sight.

Out of all the inhabitants of Limbo, anyone who has climbed to the top of the crater will tell you that the outside looks like a barren wasteland. The landscape is forever shifting by unknown forces, and anyone who ever found a way out has never come back. Opposed to what's outside the crater, inside Limbo there are enchanted grasslands that seem to change colour as the sun falls, from a lush paradise green, to an enchanted purple. Coming from the sky all the way down into a small pond is a stream, that flows with soul essence from past lives from other dimensions. This is the only known way to get into Limbo, although it's still unknown how it works. This Sacred Pond is responsible for creating Wisps as long as the unending stream of essence flows.

The Wayward Tavern, has been around seemingly as long as the crater has, and it was created with just 2 inhabitants, Peter the Bard, and Mercer. Peter is the most trustworthy and loyal entertainer and music player, he only stops playing when nobody has a song to play. He will play 24/7 if he has to, with no breaks. Nobody knows where Mercer came from or who he really is, except that he is the Tavern's Guardian and makes all the drinks in his distillery at the back. The drinks made from this distillery are strangely energising.


  • Humans

    The most basic form of physical life in Xscape, Humans are created when a Wisp is born from the Sacred Pond and has absorbed enough magic energy in Limbo to evolve. Humans represent the perfect blank canvas, the starting point for endless different kinds of adventures, experiences and abilities to learn. The potential to evolve and adapt will always be a Human's number 1 strongest ability, above all else.

    They are generally naive and lacking in experience, but they look up to those who have already peaked their skills and use that as a source of inspiration to become an ideal version of themselves. While they are very frail relative to all other living things, they have the most spirit, and being seen as weak is their biggest advantage, those who look down on them will soon understand that.
  • Elves

    The Elven race are those who have dedicated themselves to protecting the Infinity Forest. Living amongst the trees, they have sacrificed generations of their population to further their understanding of what it means to draw power from the ancient lands in order to protect it, unlocking powerful arcane abilities in the process. Curated over time, slowly but surely, the Elven race created their ultimate warrior against evil, the Grand Wizards of Xscape.

    Very few are born with the talent to survive the harsh training methods and endless amount of dedication required, but for over a thousand years have kept the Infinity Forest safe from the unforgiving Twisted Mangrove invading. Fighting off the never ending undead Necromancer armies or Death Machines that come with it, Grand Wizards reside deep within enemy territory to keep destruction away from the land they cherish. They are relied on by all inhabitants of the Infinity Forest and are highly respected by all living creatures.

    Elves also tend to develop a close relationship to the land instead of using it for power, and it is only the most compassionate Elves who are accepted by mother nature that are granted ancient Angelic powers.

  • Angels

    There isn't much known about the Angels, how they got here or why they are here, except that they are the will of the land and have been around since the beginning of time. Specialising in healing and protective abilities only, their main interest is to protect innocent creatures. They have no offensive capabilities, meaning they rely on the Grand Wizards and powerful allies alike, to hold back evil forces while they support them and aid others in battle.

    All the way out in the Wildlands there is a Sacred Shrine built by the Celestials. Sacred markings are scattered all over the structure that indicate it's as old as the Angels themselves. This is the gateway for angels to come from and return to the Holy Ether. The temple has a mysterious forcefield around it which stops anything from destroying it.

    Angels are commonly referred to as children of God by the people of Limbo. They will sometimes make deep connections to the Elves of Infinity forest due to them living in together in harmony. They have the capabilities of learning Elven magic.

  • Dwarves

    These beings have the toughest mental fortitude of anyone, setting out to achieve their dreams at such an early age through inheritably learned discipline and repetition of doing what they love. Blacksmithing is the most common proficiency in their population.

    Dwarves stand on average at 5 feet tall, due to the amount of stress and pressure they inflict on themselves, and in doing so has granted them the strength of 5 men as well. It's within this strength that overtime lead them to becoming the world's most efficient and profound Blacksmiths, able to forge items that mere Humans cannot comprehend. They are considered the most peaceful of all races due to their nature of staying to themselves and honing their craft in privacy.

    There is now an ancient text with illustration on a shelf in the Wayward Tavern, showing the unique relationship between these 2 mysterious godly figures and this legendary Blacksmith standing 8 foot tall with white and gold-plated armour. The text mentions that he was considered the only Blacksmith worthy for the 2 gods, and they could use to harness their unlimited energy from within with his creations.

    This text was recovered by Mercer himself, deep within the biggest known natural structure in Xscape, Fortress Mountain.

  • Mechs

    Created by an unknown entity, there are now multiple Mech creation facilities scattered all around Xscape. Mostly abandoned, not working or locked by a security code, these buildings created thousands of robots that now either wander Xscape aimlessly as fully autonomous entities, looking for meaning to their existence, or litter the landscape as empty shells with no computing system.

    Many Cyborgs become victims to the harshness of the worlds' reality, whether it be adapting to their new physical body, or their sense of morality breaking down, and turning into cold-blooded Death Machines or Blood Borgs. Some of them spend decades searching the world for lost Luminary technology that they can use to augment their cybernetics and become the ultimate form of machinery.

    In rare cases, there are some regret their decision to abandon their natural vessel, and attempt to return to mother nature, augmenting themselves if they are lucky enough to find the Classified Bio-Tech Facility into Mech-Beasts and living peacefully, protecting their chosen pack of Beasts once they assimilate into the wild, easily becoming the Alpha of the pack because of their augmentations.
  • Cultists

    The Cultists are one of the oldest societies in direct opposition to the Infinity Forest and its guardians. They are most passionate about their family, and for that reason believe that not all types of life are equally important. In order to protect the ones close to them only, they are willing to push forbidden boundaries that others would not, such as using life manipulation tactics to bring back their lost relatives.

    Cultists commonly reside in the Twisted Mangrove, due to there being an abundance of undead pouring out of the Eternal Graveyard nearby. There it's safe for them to experiment their life manipulation powers on, and it's a good distance away from easily startled Humans who can call upon the Holy Wardens. Old abandoned houses that were once flourishing with Human life are now being occupied by most of these beings. They are located in the south side of the forest region, and were built back before the forest was split in two at the time of The Dark Sun.

    Dark magic is powerful, but comes at a heavy price. 1 of the main forms of dark arts, life manipulation, consumes your own sanity in the process of being used. It's an addictive feeling, and so some have been known to seek out augmentations from abandoned mech facilities in order to preserve what they need to keep going as long as possible.

    They are called Blood-Borgs and are some of the most feared Cultists, preferring living victims because the blood is used to keep them looking youthful. The others would rather be as far away from humans as possible, either taking full interest in the undead or self indulging in Demon King's darkness to become the nightmare themselves.
  • Beasts

    Beasts roam the Wild Lands in packs, using their numbers and speed to over power their victims. Their team work is unrivalled as they can know exactly what each other are thinking based on pure instinctual sense.

    Completely abandoning the Human way of life, Beasts would rather take their chances in the harshness of Xscape's open world and vast plains. Naturally, they have developed resistance to poisons and have no fear in the face of opposition. The largest mass of land in Xscape is made up of these Wild Lands, and they are undoubtedly run by the Beasts.

    Tales are told of what is believed to be a Human, standing 8 foot tall and covered in tattoos, wearing a golden headdress, deep within the Jungle of Thorns north of the Wild Lands. It has been said, all animals that look him in the eye instantly becomes subservient. Nobody has ever seen this Jungle King and lived to tell the tale, but for that reason nobody goes there out of fear from the unknown.

Supreme Beings

  • Sacred

    Sacred beings are the most highly regarded order in all of Xscape, they are the front line defences and have been for the last thousand years for Humans, Elves and Angels against the Demons. Born with latent talent and immeasurable will power, they are personally selected out of the strongest Elves and Angels to ascend to heights unobtainable to most. Only the most pure of heart and selfless individuals may be placed in this position, as is it up to the Sacred Resting Spot to decide whether someone is worthy or not.

    After experiencing spiritual enlightenment at the Secret Resting Spot, Sacred Elves and Angels can open their 3rd eye, able to see the world as a whole just like Celestials.

    Cruelty and violence never sleeps, therefore Sacred beings need to be vigilant and efficient in dealing with any injustices that may be occurring across the land. Existing to defend the weak, the strongest of all Sacred individuals are referred to as Holy Wardens, and even Demons have to be on high alert with one of these in the area. Holy Wardens are the only race in Xscape that can teleport through dimensional space, granted to them by the gods, so they are able to be everywhere at once and protect anyone who needs them.
  • Celestial

    Ancient beings said to have created the world of Xscape. They are all knowing individuals with millennias of years worth of knowledge, absorbing anything within their vicinity like a black hole. Nobody alive today has ever seen a Celestial in person, but they are believed to be kind and gentle beings, observing over the lands with their thousands eyes and eternal aura, as protection.

Descendants of Chaos

  • Demon

    Beyond the point of no return, and without a doubt the most destructive being that roams Xscape, Demons ruin anything in their pathways. Ideologically centred around self-preservation and domination over others, they show no mercy to lifeforms weaker than themselves. Sometimes even amongst their own groups, Demons enjoy watching the weaker ones suffer.

    Mortal enemies to the Holy Wardens, they have plagued the land of Xscape for over a thousand years, ever since they were created on the day of The Black Sun. The unstoppable force that inevitably wiped out the whole Blacksmith population in Fortress Mountain.

    Ancient artefacts created by this golden era of Blacksmiths are now either under the possession of Demons or hidden away under the Earth, giving them even more capabilities to oppress other living creatures in Xscape.
  • Anomaly

    Celestials can lose their way and become destabilised by absorbing malicious dark energy, turning them into an Anomaly. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy of world renewal, a truly cataclysmic event that will inevitably occur every few thousand years, cleansing the world of any impurities to life.

    Becoming an Anomaly reverses the force of energy from within and turns their vessel into a nuclear radiating energy bomb only able to be stopped by an equal level Celestial.


  • Luminary

    A legendary race of beings who have perfect craftsmanship to a level that is unmatched by any other entity in Xscape. Respected by all, feared by most, a Luminary has created a bond with the art of creation, and nobody can deny that.

    Gifted beyond belief, they are often compared to gods. The Dwarven race believe in and look up to this profound level of being.

  • Mystic

    Individuals with complete knowledge on the whole world. With the ever-changing landscape, no ordinary traveller is able to traverse these unforgiving paths, but mystics can navigate endlessly.

    They have so much knowledge of the land and the latent power found from within that they can use any power or weapon at master level including dark arts, giving them eternal life.

As you make your way down a forest lined path, you come across the Wayward Tavern. The nexus of activity for the Xscape metaverse.