Xscape Madfly

IGN: Madfly
Age: 26
Profession: Accounting

I started building my idea of Xscape since I had a dream about it 10 years ago. This project is my creative outlet to letting the world see what only I can in terms of artistic design and creativity. Combining this with my newest found passion for NFT's and Crypto is my dream come true.

I always spent my time away from people, on my computer absorbed in crypto, and now the Tavern. I want to give back to the community that has created a unique experience in this group, and make them all feel part of something greater together.


Xscape SHEN

Age: 21
Profession: Decentralised Finance

I'm very passionate about the crypto space and the XRPL, and I'm actively involved in a wide variety of projects. I developed my marketing and community development skills in the music industry, which I now apply to the DeFi world.

I strive to build strong relationships between different communities and create engaging content for everyone to enjoy across the crypto sphere.



Xscape sDoddler

IGN: sDoddler
Age: 31
Profession: IT Industry

I am a tinkerer at heart, automating things and making niche programs for friends, family or myself to make life easier. Through this I have learnt a number of coding languages which has led me to become the XRPL dev for XBlades, as well as my own project KegsRP (which supplies a few drinks for the Tavern).

I am very bullish on NFTs and enjoy making them interactive. I also have development experience with WebGL/Unity and have created an interactive NFT game through these means in the past.

If you want to know more about us, come join the Tavern, we spend a lot of time there: