Join an immersive NFT metaverse

What is Xscape?

Our vision for Xscape is not only to create one of the first NFT integrated XRPL games, but to become a launchpad in which we can release many of our different upcoming NFT collections. They will have varying utility across our ecosystem, (Xblades as the first), and will be the core around us creating a metaverse (Tavern metaverse vibes) full of lore and deep connections to the people who genuinely experience it. We also want to collaborate with other awesome XRPL projects, creating a unique experience that you can only get from hard work, dedication and vision into pioneering XRPL.

Our aim to become one of the core hubs of the XRPL by inspiring a new wave of players in a social metaverse that is engaging and friendly for people getting into the space or who want a place to come regularly for great times and exciting events.

Xscape has a heavy focus on duality of common themes in your everyday life, Yin and Yang, Dark and Light, Heaven and Hell, we want to emphasis that things go deeper than they seem on the surface. Rewarding players who go that extra further step than the rest, whether it's being creative, talented, or positive to others around themselves, we encourage everyone to see their own dualities. We believe that in a well structured role playing system, all participants can compliment each others experience by creating a dynamic and rich environment.

Welcome to the Wayward Tavern

We envision Xscape to be a dedicated game, a set of utility NFTs, an XRPL token with holder rewards, and a Metaverse to bind them. With the Wayward Tavern as the center piece and is the bridge between our metaverse and the real world.

About the game

Xscape is a grey area genre online multiplayer game which blends the themes of a Battle Royale and a Role-playing game. Imagine an algorithmically generated map, able to be played in an infinite amount of different ways, evolving into a being that represents the decisions you made while playing. You will be playing on this diverse map while many multiples of other teams also are in the same map. We want a game that keeps every match refreshingly intriguing and dynamic.


Xscape offers the ability for its players to further develop and diversify their character, through a wide array of Classes and Armour sets that unlock new abilities, traits, and passives, allowing them to strategize their way through the game with the highest amount of rewards. The end game will change based on how you play, not everyone wants to eliminate other players, not everyone plays the game for PVP. Although the game is still in its infancy, development wise the amount of depth of thought and planning that has been put into this project over the recent few years has been immense. The game has been designed, and only needs a game development team to start building it. We cannot wait to be able to show you more!

Xblades, What are they?

Xblades are the first NFT collection we are releasing under the Xscape project. As they are the first we want them to be the most important to holders and believers in the project. They are a generative set of 8,888 uniquely hand drawn blades that we expect will be launched on the Equilibrium Games marketplace once XLS-20d has been implemented. Each blade has multiple traits and differing rarity, of all 8,888 blades, none will be a duplicate of another.


What an Xblade will give you is your own unique cosmetic ‘skin’ based on a certain weapon in the game, you will also be passively rewarded with a token coming to the Xscape ecosystem just for holding. This token will be the main token that allows our metaverse ecosystem to operate. We want the Xblade NFT and $XBLADE token to not just be an awesome blade NFT, but also a ticket that allows you to participate in all of our upcoming additional projects for the Xscape community, including being the first to test any alpha Xscape gameplay, and join in other utility based projects that come out under our umbrella.

We are super grateful for the overwhelming support you guys have shown us, even before we released our trustline you all have helped to turn The Tavern into one of the most welcoming, friendly and fun places on the XRPL, every single one of you are to thank for that. We have an abundance of memories already and look forward to making many more in the Tavern, CHEERS !